At Firefly Advocacy, we leverage our understanding of government affairs and politics to seamlessly integrate legislative advocacy and relationship management, aligning a steadfast commitment to advancing our client’s goals with winning strategies.

What we do


Firefly Advocacy is different. We sit shoulder to shoulder with you to develop your ideas into policy solutions and winning strategies. From legislative advocacy to relationship management, we combine our knowledge of government affairs and politics with our dedication to advocacy to advance your goals.

Direct Lobbying
Foster effective relationships with policymakers

Build and maintain effective relationships with lawmakers and increase the likelihood of positive policy outcomes. We empower organizations to engage strategically with decision-makers by taking the guesswork out of legislative advocacy.

Your organization's perspective matters. We provide an intuitive space that makes lobbying and advocacy an accessible and personal experience. Activate your organization's interest in the democratic process, and influence decisions directly impacting your organization and community.

Civic Engagement
Policy Advocacy
Community Empowerment
Human-Centered Lobbying
Democratic Participation
Policy Development
Take your solution from an idea to a legislative action

Illuminate the path from insightful ideas to impactful policy solutions. We partner with you in taking your organization’s unique perspectives and overlay them with the fundamentals of effective policy development.

Let's take your bright ideas from the board room, to potential legislative solutions. We meticulously identify key issues that resonate with your mission, ensuring that the most impactful policy solutions. Join us in lighting the way from organizational inspiration to meaningful legislative change.

Legislative Advocacy
Strategic Collaboration
Policy Impact
Transformative Advocacy
Policy Analysis
Carefully choose the best policy option

 Propel your legislative goals forward. We take a dynamic approach to policy analysis, actively engaging with your organization to carefully select the most impactful policy options.

Our hands-on approach guides you through the intended and unintended impact of policy decisions.  We help you understand how current or proposed policies may impact your organization.

Strategic Policy Analysis
Legislative Decision Making
Actionable Insights
Legislative Goal Alignment
Legislative and Regulatory Advisory
Stay informed and get the most up to date advice

Understand the ever-evolving legislative and regulatory landscape and its impact on your organization's decision-making. We actively analyze legislative and regulatory developments, ensuring your organization is well-informed about potential challenges and opportunities. Partner with us to understand the political context and navigate it effectively, transforming challenges into opportunities for success.

Our hands-on approach guides you through the complexities, highlighting the path to informed decisions that demand awareness and strategic action.

Regulatory Insight
Political Landscape Navigation
Strategic Advisory
Legislative Expertise
Coalition Building and Management
Bringing together diverse groups with common interests

Form alliances and partnerships among diverse groups to work collectively toward a common goal. We manage the important work of coalition building to get to a consensus and activate shared interests into action.  

Identify potential collaborators, foster relationships, coordinate efforts, and maintain communication to ensure effective collaboration in achieving shared objectives. 

Consensus Building
Collective Impact
Legislative Trainings
Prepare your teams to carry out your legislative plan effectively

Empower your teams to execute your legislative plan effectively through our action-oriented training services. We take a hands-on approach and engage with your team to design and deliver customized training programs.

We don't just provide information; we facilitate immersive sessions that equip your teams with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the legislative landscape confidently. From understanding the intricacies of proposed policies to mastering effective advocacy techniques, our training initiatives focus on actionable insights.

Legislative Empowerment
Action-Oriented Training
Advocacy Skills
Knowledge to Impact
What we stand for

Guided by our values

Our commitment extends beyond advocacy; we are dedicated to driving social change that promotes racial equity and self-determination. 

Racial Justice

We hold ourselves to fair and impartial treatment of all individuals, regardless of their racial background, ensuring that people of all races have equal opportunities, rights, and protections and that systemic discrimination or bias based on race is actively addressed and eliminated.


We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is looking, maintaining a high standard of ethics.


We create spaces where everyone feels welcomed, respected, and valued regardless of background, identity, or characteristics.


Working together with others is a cornerstone of how we work. We believe collaboration fosters teamwork, encourages open communication, and recognizes the value of collective contributions.